Exploring the Design of Audio-Kinetic Graphics for Education

Audio-kinetic graphics explores the design of tactile representations of visual information for moving images. By combining audio descriptions with kinetic motion, we can represent video-based educational material, such as online lectures and MOOCs. In our prototype, the user holds the stylus of a pen plotter which moves in two-dimenstinoal space, providing a proprioceptive sense of motion.

Audio-kinetic graphics can show static and dynamic tactile information by drawing shapes in space. By moving the stylus at different speeds, we can also display additional information, such as speed and acceleration. Audio-kinetic graphics can represent non-visual information such as pointing at a specific location. This type of interaction is a key part of "chalk-and-talk" style lectures. Audio-kinetic graphics can be used to quickly demonstrate tactile information and can be rendered using existing low-cost consumer hardware.


Annika Muehlbradt, Madhur Atreya, Darren Guinness, and Shaun Kane



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